About Us

Our Company

Since 1973, Econocheck has helped thousands of financial institutions deepen customer relationships and achieve their revenue goals with key financial solutions such as retail checking strategies, direct response insurance programs, and identity theft products.

For more than 40 years, Econocheck has focused on one thing: our clients. We don't offer dozens of watered down loyalty marketing programs to make you a few dollars here and there. We focus on core areas of business to generate the maximum return for our clients - and we do it with unmatched personal service and dedication to your account.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: provide you with the strategy, product and support you need to make your Econocheck programs successful. How do we do that?


Good business partners listen to each other. We work closely to understand your objectives, your customer base, your concerns - to seek the approach that is best for your business.

We have the flexibility to support our clients with customized strategies that help build better relationships with their customers while increasing fee income and profitability.

Econocheck understands that your success is our success. We offer competitive pricing and a proven implementation process that has enabled us to earn - and keep - great clients.

"We started the shift to fee-based accounts with IDProtect in two of our markets and it worked so well that we moved over 40,000 customers into fee-based accounts in all 16 markets."

Director of Retail, Oklahoma Bank

"The feedback we received on our staff training was "WOW. Our staff was so engaged - they didn't want to miss a thing. And one of our board members who was observing said 'I had no idea how good these services were.' Thanks Econocheck!"

President, Wisconsin Credit Union